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31 October 2013

                Is O level physics!  Exerting a one metre of vacuum head of even ice at 0° C, turns into water vapour.  Sea water at 20° C is so much easier.

E=PV     P=0.1 atmospheres!  So no volume we produce by the energy exerted is minuscule.  Will probably exert twice as much energy from being the water vapour to a high reservoir.

                We then vent the water vapour to the air.  And it condenses!  Giving up its heat to the high cold air.  And the reservoir are is filled with water mist, the am add minutes into water drops.  That fulls as artificial rain.

                We have lost all contaminants and sorts.  Bacteria are left behind!  We just extract pure water.  So any dirty river is an endless source of clean drinkable water.

                Sea water turns into pure decelerated water.  Using minuscule quantities of electricity.  In…

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