Sony Smartband Fitness Tracker review is now posted online in the U.S. through the Geekworthy website. This new Sony device is listed with a sale price for buyers.

Sony SmartbandMidland, TX , April 03, 2014 – (PRWEB) The issuance of new Sony electronics products in the U.S. market is helping some retailers to provide more choices to the public. The Geekworthy company is now providing the Sony Smartband Fitness Tracker review through its resource online at

The company researchers have helped to acquire resources for smartphone owners and tablet owners to purchase the SRW10 edition of the Smartband this year. The sale of fitness related products that work with cell phones and tablets is now a growing industry in the U.S.
“Sony is one of the leaders in digital electronics that are compatible with smartphones and we’re helping to the public to find available products through our website this year,” said a reviewer.

The Fitness Tracker industry has expanded as technology has improved over the past decade. The different solutions to monitor heart rhythms, sleep patterns and exercise routines have been pioneered by companies like Sony in the global market. The Geekworthy company is now including its review of the Smartband SRW10 device along with the acquired sale pricing.

“Our website has remained one of the top technology resources over the past two years and we’re constantly unveiling ways to save money on tech gear in the U.S.,” said the source.
The company is planning to include more technology products as more announcements are made by top tech companies this year. The sales programs that are uncovered by company staff members are expected to be included within each review posted for the remainder of this year.

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