Leveraging its unique subsea vertical integration

Paris, July 5, 2014 – Technip was awarded a contract by Total E&P UK for the Edradour Subsea Development, located approximately 75 kilometers North West of the Shetland Islands, in approximately 300 meters of water.

Technip’s scope of work covers the:

● fabrication and installation of 12” production pipelines, 6” MEG¹ pipeline complete with 2″ piggy backed service line,
● supply and installation of steel tube umbilical,
● fabrication and installation of pipeline end manifold, flowline end termination, flexible tails
and rigid well tie-in spools, as well as the installation of templates and manifolds provided by the client,
● rock dumping and pre-commissioning.

The Group will leverage its unique vertical position in the subsea business:

● Technip’s operating centre in Oslo, Norway, will execute the project, while vessels from the Group fleet will perform the installation in the summer seasons of 2016 and 2017;
● the pipelines will be fabricated at Technip’s spoolbase at Evanton, UK, and installed by the Deep Energy, the fastest and one of the largest and most capable pipelay vessels ever built in our industry;
● umbilicals will be manufactured at the Group’s new facility in Newcastle, UK.

Knut Boe, President North Sea Canada, stated: “Technip is extremely proud of the award of this contract, which demonstrates the competitiveness of our Project Management and Engineering organization and of our new state-of-the-art vessel, the Deep Energy, supporting subsea developments in shallow to ultra-deep waters.”


¹MEG: Mono-ethylene glycol, used to control hydrate formation in production fluids.
Fast Facts

About subsea products

● Umbilical: an assembly of steel tubes and/or thermoplastic hoses which can also include electrical cables or optic fibers used to control subsea structures from a platform or a vessel. Umbilical systems are the critical link in subsea operations, relaying power, communications and chemicals between hydraulic-operated equipment on the seafloor and a platform or support vessel
● Manifold: a piece of pipe with several lateral outlets and/or inlets for connecting one pipe with others.
● Flowline: a pipe, laid on the seabed, which allows the transportation of oil/gas production or injection of fluids. Its length can vary from a few hundred metres to several kilometers.
● Spool: short length pipe connecting a subsea pipeline and a riser, or a pipe and a subsea structure.

About Technip Umbilicals’ new plant in Newcastle

● Inaugurated in May 2014.
● One of the world’s most advanced steel tube umbilical manufacturing system, reinforcing Technip’s position as a key subsea player.
● Allows Technip Umbilicals to access the full market and maximize its steel tube offer to meet the growing demand of the subsea sector

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