Solar Panels in homes are great investments. To maximize its use in everyday life is another story, considering the skyrocketing of its initial cost and some hindrances as to their installations because of the non-stop lobbying from power/energy providers in some state/countries. It is clean energy, no questions about that, that it is now the right time for the government to have political will and help communities establish such devices without unreasonable interferences of power/energy providers.

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Brewster McCracken and the Amazing Pecan Street Project sounds like a great name for a movie, – with a marvelous electric flying vehicle, maybe.

Brewster McCracken is CEO of the Pecan Street Project – an Austin, Texas based research outfit that has been following the experiences of early adopter households who have upgraded to solar panels, electric cars, and smart meters.

The longitudinal study is revealing a number of surprising insights into how real people use new energy technology – which I’ll be covering in future posts. I had a wide ranging Skype conversation with Brewster not long ago, much of which will make its way into new video projects – but I wanted to share a sample now. This is one whipsmart guy and one cool, informative initiative.

Time Magazine:

Dan McAtee and Laura Spoor’s utility bill last year came to $631. That’s not bad considering the average annual electric…

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