Water reuse improves water resources in Lower Hunter region, saving 2.3 billion liters of drinking water each year

Hunter Water Brings New Pipeline Online, Delivering Recycled Water for Industrial Use
National Standards Managing water in accordance with Australia’s IESC guidelines for unconventional oil and gas resources

DENVER, January 5, 2015 – Hunter Water  recently celebrated the commissioning of a new advanced water treatment plant (AWTP) and eight kilometer pipeline that will be used to transport recycled water to industrial users in Kooragang Island, New South Wales, Australia. CH2M HILL, as part of the Hunter Treatment Alliance, led the concept and detailed design of the Kooragang Industrial Water Scheme (KIWS), a $40 million project to secure future water supplies in the lower Hunter region through industrial water reuse.

The KIWS is the largest recycled water project undertaken by the region, and it will lead to continued growth and economic development for the community. Initiated in 2012, KIWS involved diverting 12 million liters of treated effluent from the existing effluent pipeline for Shortland Wastewater Treatment Works to the new AWTP, which uses membrane filtration and reverse osmosis to produce high-quality recycled water, to substitute the use of drinking water with water suitable for industrial use.

Recycled water, transported to Kooragang Island via the new pipeline, is benefiting industrial users, like Orica, currently listed as the region’s largest consumer of drinking water. With this project, Orica anticipates dropping to 19th on the list, saving on average 2.3 billion liters of drinking water annually by using recycled water for processing in cooling towers, steam generation, chemical production, equipment cleaning, and employee amenities.

“CH2M HILL has been a leader in water reuse for more than 50 years, working with clients, like Hunter Water, to develop cutting-edge technology and solutions for incorporating recycled water for high-tech industrial applications, as well as landscape irrigation and urban use,” said Chris Morris, CH2M HILL Australia and New Zealand Geography Manger. “Hunter Water’s commitment to sustainability not only maximizes the amount of recycled water available for industry, but it is helping secure the lower Hunter region’s precious water resources. We are proud to be helping them achieve this.”
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