Global Clean Energy Acquires TheEcoAppCompany PlatformHOUSTON, TX., – June 21, 2016 – Global Clean Energy, Inc. (OTC PINK: GCEI), has acquired the assets of TheEcoAppCompany, consisting of IP rights, databases and eighteen strategic domains. This acquisition is GCE’s latest addition to its ongoing plans in Waste 2 Fuel and PGM sectors. One significant advantage of TheEcoAppCompany is that supply chains and infrastructure are already in place, eliminating the need for large CAPEX funding.

TheEcoAppCompany specializes in ‘User Requests’ and ‘User-Driven Markets’, which are Internet-mediated marketing platforms where the requests of customers trigger and influence the ultimate offerings, not unlike the crowd-funding phenomenon.

GCE President, Earl Azimov, stated, “This is the future, as companies move from mass marketing to tightly focused marketing models such as User Requests and User-Driven Markets. The platforms GCE are acquiring create highly motivated consumers. Our goal has always been to increase the adoption rate of products that reduce carbon emissions and waste. TheEcoAppCompany brands meet these objectives and rank extremely high on social media in terms of passion, engagement, and sentiment. By aggregating their online requests, consumers are motivated by a sense of communal social action, the desire for an outcome that addresses their needs, and shared responsibility for the ultimate success. After spending my career in web technologies and Cleantech, this is a terrific addition for GCE’s growth and value creation.”

TheEcoAppCompany was developed by Brian Levine, who previously served as COO of GCE and will be responsible for bringing the applications to market. Levine has an extensive background in retail, distribution, manufacturing, clean tech, Internet and banking. “Being involved in diverse industries, I have always been guided by an unwavering ‘the customer is always right’ philosophy,” stated Levine. “The User Requests/User-Driven Markets model allows us to curate and tailor offerings driven directly by users in a way never envisioned before. GCE will initially focus on the LED lighting market, which is troubled by exaggerated manufacturer performance, and warranty claims. It disturbs buyers who purchase expensive LED’s with 10-25 year usage claims; just to see them fail in a fraction of the time. GCE’s will address these misleading claims and accelerate the adoption rate of highly energy efficient LED products in this 30 billion dollar market. GCE will offer ‘Lifetime Replacement’ programs under our ‘LED Makeover’ and ‘Buck-a-Bulb’ programs. The Buck-a-Bulb LED program, is an easy way for buyers to give their home or businesses an ‘LED makeover,’ control energy costs, and enjoy the benefits of energy-efficient technology without paying in advance. ‘Install and forget’ is our mantra.”

The energy industry is changing rapidly. ‘Smart energy‘ solutions will exceed $100 billion in revenue by 2020, according to Green Tech Media. GCE will generate revenue from transactions, finance fees, e-commerce and affiliate sales. The company will offer its top 20 SKUs at a dollar per bulb per month over 9-12 months depending on model. The average net profit per home is estimated at $100.

“We cannot be satisfied with business as usual,” stated Azimov. “Our mission is to drive industry disruption via business model innovation. People who lead dynamic, growth-oriented organizations understand that vision, combined with the ability to see around the corner, creates the best opportunity for change. GCE plans to build a thriving business with its well-established fulfillment partners. By aligning our user platforms, we will accelerate the mainstream adoption of smart energy technologies, always in line with our ‘Lifetime Replacement’ policy, in over 20 different energy categories driven by user preferences.”

GCE is pleased with its continued progress on its Tires 2 Fuels venture. The stabilization of oil prices and its EPA Consultants opinion, have confirmed a quick path to permitting. This should allow the Company to commence construction of its facility in early 2017 in Illinois.

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