1. Biodiesel Transfer and Filtration System

Biodiesel filtration process
Biodiesel Transfer and Filtration System – Buy it on Amazon

The DTP20C-BIO, DC Powered, Biodiesel Transfer and Filtration System provide efficient and accurate biodiesel fuel transfer and filtration in a highly mobile package. Built on a rugged. steel cart and featuring a 20 gpm DC fuel pump running off two group 31 batteries, the DTP20C-BIO is ideal for busy operations. Onboard 17-micron water and particulate blocking filtration and highly accurate digitally metered nozzle ensure all biodiesel fuel transferred is free from contamination and accurately measured. Not recommended for use with gasoline.

2. DTP20 20 GPM Mobile Fuel Transfer System

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DTP20 20 GPM Mobile Fuel Transfer System – Buy it on Amazon

This mobile fuel system is specifically designed for the removal and filtration of fuel to and from any source. If you want to remove fuel from a truck prior to selling it, to make fuel tank repairs, concerned about theft of fuel from vehicles in storage, if you are scrapping cars trucks or tractors and need to safely remove the fuel for disposal, these are some of the many reasons this a time and money saving shop product. It features a welded steel frame, and hose hangers. Top of the line explosion proof DC powered transfer pump. Intake hose with one-way screened valve, 6-foot output hose and manual fuel dispenser. The pneumatic tires and sturdy frame are made to last inside the shop or out in the field.