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Welcome to WindusTech 

An online industry based publication and marketing site publishing the latest in news stories, breaking news, press releases, product reviews, and marketing industry-wide products through online partners, serving global environmental stakeholders, economic sector, and business professionals. 

WindusTech is a newscasting site managed by AB Capital Ventures & Management. It is an online resources that reports and publishes informative articles and news stories on water & wastewater technology & developments, the nuances in waste management, the behind the scene of oil & gas industry, the advancements of clean energy, industrial & scientific products, industry-wide products, and the latest in industrial technology’s pros and cons that propels these businesses to successes as well as important facts and data that helps us inform and be aware of how it affects the economy and its environment.

WindusTech is entirely committed to creating common values for ourselves and our communities including building respects and protecting the environment in which we live.

Eliminating or at least minimizing the impact on the environment through sustainable business and industries related practices is one of our top policies. Efficient business practices through responsible management make positive results toward a low-carbon future that may ultimately save our environment and preserve the future of our planet EARTH. This can only be achieved without let-up through continued individual engagements and corporate-wide support initiatives.

WindusTech provides reliable news information primarily to the world’s businesses, industries, and professionals, serving sectors in LogisticsElectrical, Energy, Industrial, Environment, and Technology.

WindusTech is also dedicated to delivering and providing daily ample information regarding current issues in new technologies and gadgets that make our life easy in spite of the adversities we face around the world.

Remember, “Prompt actions and understanding drives all innovations, and expectations of the public needs are very crucial in maintaining well-balanced results that drive businesses to succeed.”

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